Where We Invest


Area Approach

Currently Aton Assets Asia is focusing its attention on business opportunities in the Asia Pacific Region, Europe and Africa.

The main investment criterion is the possibility to exploit collaborations between these 3 macro areas:




Where we can use the manufacturing possibility from one side and the enormous potentiality of the internal markets in countries like China but not just limited to China.

We identify entry strategies for Asian companies, and in particular Chinese companies, on the route to globalization, looking for distribution channels, global brands, technologies and know-how.

China's position in the world economy has changed since the economic crisis of 2008 and 2009. It is no longer simply perceived as the "production workshop of the world". It is now recognized as a possible engine for global economic recovery, with the help of huge government stimulus packages as well as the strong commitment of Chinese entrepreneurs who have ambitions to be successful domestically and in the global markets.





In Europe there is a strong tradition and culture of branding and brand management. We have access to many European companies with brands, know-how and patents in different sectors.

Seeing the potential rewards of Asian growth, more European companies are seeking production capacity in Asia as well as a marketing channel to the increasingly affluent middle-class Asian consumer.

European companies that focus on advanced technology and machinery will find attractive business opportunities in Asia since manufacturers seek to produce higher quality and higher value-added goods as they move away from low-value mass production. Other sectors ranging from healthcare to leisure and travel are also prioritizing the Asian markets, where they see less competition and more prospects for expansion.

Our well-developed relationships across Europe allow us to identify and privately approach companies that might not otherwise be available for public investment.





For many investment observers, Africa is being seen as the next economic growth phenomenon to be aware and positioned for. In this continent we see many potential interests and not just limited to commodities and agriculture.

We have already invested in projects in some selected areas with established partners, which we can introduce to you. In these countries we work with trusted partners having many years of experience of doing business in Africa. We have dedicated time and resources in nurturing and building relationships with these managers and monitoring their performance over the last few years. Today our projects here are mostly in industrial commodities with the end markets being in Europe and Asia.



EU firms say China Becoming 'strategic market'

European companies said China is an increasingly important "strategic market," according to an annual business confidence survey released by the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China on Wednesday.

More European companies are planning for increased long-term investment in China, with 59 percent of surveyed companies planning on staying and growing in China in 2011, compared with 39 percent in 2009, according to the survey, which sampled 598 European companies in China.

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Sector Approach

We work in sectors where we can spot one or more of the following characteristics:

    Where a global supply chain is a MUST 
    From OEM to Brand to Distribution 
    Where emerging new technologies are going to fundamentally reshape the industry 
   Where accessing a reliable source of commodities is a MUST particularly to sate the Chinese
   Web-based technologies and business models creating blue-sky opportunities thereby reducing
   the need for heavy capital intensive investment  



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