What We Do

Our major business activities can be categorized in the following four groups:


Venture Capital

We invest in high-potential start-up companies seeking venture capital or growth equity to accelerate their businesses development or to provide partial liquidity for existing shareholders. As a small and focused fund, we are able to act quickly and give our portfolio companies the time and attention they deserve.


We work closely with our customers and the management of the companies by supporting them in operational, financial and strategic issues, with a particular focus on international expansion. We help our customers companies to formulate clear strategies enabling them to be successful in this globalized environment.

Today to “play global” is not an option, it’s necessary even for a small and medium sized company; our team and international network can provide a comprehensive and customizable consultancy service running along the entire value chain, from sourcing to after sales services.

We don’t deliver theory; our solutions are practical and enforceable, the same as our experienced team.






Private Equity


Our company has made investments in established companies; we concentrate in consolidated business models with particular attention to a Matrix System based on “Markets” and “Sectors”. Using our in-house financial models to understand the business and its operations, we analyze selected key financial indicators on an on-going basis to monitor the progress. Together with our partners we are also involved in funding and financing capital-intensive projects.


We can provide our customers the opportunity to buy Physical Metals: precious metals and industrial grade metals. These could be for hedging purposes or protection against economic, political, or fiat currency crises.

Physical Metals


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