At this point our approach to investment opportunities should start to become more clear; we focus in the three-macro areas explained above and in sectors where we see growth; for example we are currently working in renewable energy projects and new technologies with Chinese and European companies.

We work with all size of companies, and discriminate not by size but by competence. We believe in motivated staff and customers.

We believe that today there are more opportunities than in the past. Due to globalization the world is becoming flat and consequently that for a good new product/service the rewards can be huge. Today a dynamic company with growth prospects has the chance to quickly scale-up and become world class very quickly. As the world is changing this offers a tremendous opportunity for those people and companies having the curiosity to take advantage.


Top 10 Biggest IPOs Of All Time

China holds the first and second biggest initial public offerings ever as Asian and U.S. companies go head-to-head.
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As China becomes more open to direct foreign investments and due to the development of its financial sector, investments with local small-medium enterprises represent an attractive and profitable option for private equity firms.

The prosperous outlook of China’s private equity market has already convinced many of the world’s largest asset managers such as Carlyle, Blackstone, BlackRock, Prax Capital and others to set up Renminbi equity funds in the region. In China, when private equity is executed well, the returns can be staggering. One of the best examples is that of Hepalink, a Chinese drug company, whose May 2010 IPO in Shenzhen scored a 235-fold return for private equity stake investor Goldman Sachs.




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