How We Invest

Successful investment requires a well-defined strategy and prior experience. We work closely with our clients to develop and define a clear view on their growth opportunities and capital needs. Depending on these requirements we evaluate alternative structural solutions and then select the optimal configuration.


We only invest in business areas where we have previous, proven expertise. Identifying a promising business opportunity means considering not only the risk and reward factors of the individual business, but also the context and culture in which the business operates. Without understanding the unique qualities of the sector a business is in, it is impossible to arrive at a credible judgment.

From the above understanding, we assemble a “circle of competence” as strong as possible. We then bring in qualified & well experienced people with proven track records to build the management team and look for investors who can bring in the finance and business competence. We don’t make a mere allocation of funds we are here to build successful teams, where each investor, in addition to their investment, has an active role in the project/investment.

Sticking to what you know

Warren Buffett likes to invest in companies where management focuses on activities that are within the expertise of the company and not wander off and spend shareholders’ money in going into areas that they know little about.

Keeping a company on track is obviously an attribute of sound company management and investment principle.



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